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My name is Michael Haunschmid. I live in Vienna, Austria. I play fingerstyle guitar, lap steel guitar - and I love Weissenborn guitars. RSS Subscribe to RSS


Weissenborn tablatures & recordings
Here you find songs of Ben Harper, Jerry Douglas, Rob Ickes, Xavier Rudd, … - and some of my tunes.

Ready for some musical collaboration?
Some of my own tablatures are just snippets. Shall we work on them together?

It’s this easy:

  1. Download Power Tab Editor
  2. Download tablature snippets from this website
  3. Add some of your ideas in Power Tab Editor
  4. Send me the Power Tab file with your credits

I will then add your tab to this site. So other guitar players can continue working on them. I am really looking forward to your ideas!

Do you want to contribute your own lap steel Power Tab snippets? Just send them to me, I will add them to this site.

Want a new lap steel guitar, Weissenborn, … ?
Handmade in Italy, and that at a very nice price: Style 1 > 620 Euros. Check it out here.

My Songs

The Luthier - for Ermanno Pasqualato
I wrote this tune for Ermanno, a good friend of mine and a great Weissenborn guitar builder. He builds the most inexpensive, but best sounding lap steel guitars available.
Tuning: G H D G H D
Guitar: Hermann Guitars Weissenborn Style 1. Find out more about this great luthier here.

> The Luthier - MP3
> The Luthier - Tablature PDF

The Gift
I simply love this song - hope you like it too.
Tuning: G H D G H D
Guitar: Hermann Guitars Weissenborn Style 1

> The Gift - MP3
> The Gift - Tablature PDF

Ulica Mariacka
Ulica Mariacka is a very nice Street in Gdansk, Poland. Years ago I spent a few days there. Great town, although weather was bad. Some sun, and some more rain. You hear both in the song,  with a little bit of imagination …
This Song is dedicated to my old polnish friend, Zbigeniev Szkudlarski.

Tuning: G H D G H D

> Ulica Mariacka - Tablature PDF
> Sorry, no recording yet

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